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Of Shadows And Lights project originally started as a band in 2018 from an Angelo Pitone's idea in which music, lyrics and pictures are the poetry that tell the story of good and evil, of who we really are and what we really have inside as human being. It's about the hidden undertones of our souls: of shadows and lights. A concept greater than ourselves with infinite reading keys. Each of you can draw its own conclusions, listen to the music or reading the lyrics. That's exactly how it should be.


After many misadventures, maybe too much, he decided to operate in solitude, surrounding himself of trusted people and musicians able to help and support him in his music path. He just graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Commercial Music and awarded with distinction at the UWS - University of the West of Scotland.


Fascinated by the exploration of new musical horizons, he has been devoting himself to composing music and lyrics. He took singing lessons, including Estill Voice Craft training method, to improve his vocal technique. Over the years, as well as numerous live performances in many locations and squares with different bands, he has participated individually in different regional and national competitions, always receiving positive acclaim. Among the various experiences the following stand out:

  • First Place "Category Piano Soloist", at IV Inter-regional Music Festival held in Orta Nova (FG) (1996);


  • Concerto in Odegitria Square in Bari before an audience of more than 1500 people (2000);


  • Awarded as best performer in the singing contest GIORE' in Galatina (2005);


  • Review of the song "My Best Friend" in the Italian music magazine CM2 (2007);


  • Airing of the song "Now I'm Still Trying" as the opening theme of the national radio broadcast "DEMO" on RADIO 1 RAI radio station (2009);


  • Semifinalist at Saint Rock Festival held in Mola di Bari, he shared the stage with "The Niro" (2009);


  • Participates in the "Toontrack Songwriter Competition", an international competition for emerging artists (2014);


  • 3 of his songs, "Home", "Acrobatic Mind" and "The Weeping Willow" become part of Toontrack's playlists "#IAMASONGWRITER" and "Toontrack EZKeys Customer Jukebox Week 1" published on Soundcloud profile and the official website of the well-known software house, gaining immediately a following (2014);

  • Vocal Mastery Training held by Shure Audio Institute And PRASE Technologies | Certificate | (2016);

  • Participation in the Songwriting Week at the UWS and collaborate with other students in song creation and live performing (2018);


  • Participation in the Mastering Masterclass held by Italian mastering engineer Giovanni Versari, known for his work on "Drones" by Muse (2019);

  • Participation in the Sound Engineering and Music Production Masterclass held by Italian music producer Tommaso Colliva (Muse, Calibro 35) and Marc Urselli (U2) (2019);

  • Graduated Bachelor of Arts Commercial Music with Distinction at the University of the West of Scotland (2019);

In the last three years, he has improved his abilties as a songwriter and producer (for himself and other artists), but even as an audio engineering, recording and mixing.

The debut EP is called "Visions" and it was inspired by the music from Queen, Muse, Led Zeppelin, Nothing But Thieves, Train, U2, The Dear Hunter, As Tall As Lions. It is available since 7th March 2019 on all streaming and downloading platforms.

OSAL debut album "Almost Prophetic Visions And Thoughts" was produced and mixed by Angelo, and it sees the cooperation by Maestro Giuseppe Bolognini on the guitars, Giovanni Versari (Muse, Nic Cester, Calibro 35, Ministri, Negramaro, Niccolò Fabi) on mastering, and Michele Sassanelli on photography. It is available on all streaming and downloading platforms since 21st January 2021. It includes successful singles like "Cold Shivers", "Awakening", "Unaware Passenger" (included in an editorial Spotify playlist called All New Rock) and "Universal Thing" which is supported by a music video.

Its perfect follow-up was released on May 7th 2021 and it is called "Under Control".


His latest single 'The End Of A Nightmare' was released in July 8th 2021, is a continuation of Pitone’s sonic and lyrical exploration, that pushes the boundaries out slightly more. Direct and honest in its intentions, the track brings in glimpses of the rockinspired synthwave, and retains strong melodic elements that emphasizes his songwriting aptitude. Lyrically speaking it is an adventure into the nocturnal world that holds a huge sway on reality and the everyday.

'The End Of A Nightmare' is the second release on Aldora Britain Records and it is available on all major streaming platforms. (Click on the picture in the homepage to listen).